HRUHCA Memorial College Scholarship Trustees “Kick-off” “Million Dollar Challenge” Fundraising Effort in a Big Way

The announcement of a new campaign to raise 1 million dollars for the HRUHCA Memorial Scholarship Foundation was underscored by a generous donation of one hundred thousand dollars by two senior industry veterans.

Jerry Womack, HRUHCA founding father (Suburban Grading and Paving) and HRUHCA Scholarship Foundation Chairman Allan Gibbs of Orion Associates presented a check to HRUHCA at the September 17th 40th Anniversary celebration dinner. Each firm pledged fifty thousand dollars as a way to emphasize that the Foundation was serious about the campaign. Read more...

HRUHCA Celebrates 40 Years as the Voice of the Heavy Construction Industry in Hampton Roads

Over one hundred and twenty members and guests assembled at the Chesapeake Marriott Hotel ...

OSHA will soon require employers to quickly report any injury that sends a worker to the hospital

In response to a preliminary report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that tallies 4,405...

Public Utilities Design Standards Manual Update

In an effort to stay current with standards and regulations, the Department of Public Util...


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It is the goal of the Hampton Roads Utility and Heavy Contractors Association to provide meaningful, effective, and responsive representation to its membership. As the regional advocate for its members, HRUHCA shall: Promote efficiencies within the contracting system, Provide opportunities for training and professional development, Support reasonable legislative actions that will benefit the industry, Share knowledge and expertise with members, Foster community involvement.